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Google lanseaza ceva audio:
Google Audio music service launching soon?
So TechCrunch has it from multiple sources that a US (at least) music service launch from Google is imminent. Possibly named Google Audio, it’s unclear whether the service will stream music from the major labels and/or offer it as downloadable tracks. Scuttlebutt says that the service will differ from Google’s free, search and download music offering available in China since 2008. Now go ahead, kick back and imagine a Google music service tightly integrated with Android while we dig for more details.
[Via Pocket-lint] Update: Looks like Google’s planning to dive on in with iLike and LaLa, and the whole shindig may end up being called One Box.
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Inginer, relatez de peste 5 ani de la toate evenimentele locale si lansarile internationale din domeniul telecomunicatiilor.

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