Stefan Rosioara Inginer, relatez de peste 5 ani de la toate evenimentele locale si lansarile internationale din domeniul telecomunicatiilor.

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image_thumb-5b5-5d1-300x202-5587813 Cred ca am dat peste cel mai beton site din ultima vreme, seamana cu Feeder, dar e mai underground promoveaza hip-hop-ul, house-ul si tot feluri de evenimente mai underground, dar punctul lor forte il reprezinta structura site-ului si limba, totul fiind in engleza. Layoutul este genial are culori vii si e totul foarte cool din acest motiv am adaugat si un widget in blog in dreapta si un interviu mai jos cu Deliric (Jupiter) de la C.T.C. bineinteles in engleza 😀

Before starting this interview I would like you to tell us something about you. Like your own self portrait.
I’m known to the hip hop scene mostly as an emcee, for my work with CTC and second as a beatmaker/ producer. I tried picturing these two roles independent one from another and this is why as an MC I’m known as Deliric and as a producer I use the name Jupiter. It’s challenging to be able to create different identities/ brands. It’s some sort of Jakyll and Hyde thing – you have 2 times more fun.
1. First things first, how did you get into hip-hop?
I was always fascinated by hip hop music, i was staying up all night just to watch Yo! on Mtv when we first got cable tv in my neighborhood. Then in 94 i think, i heard the first romanian attempts of emceeing and even though i was just a shorty, my first thought was „I can do it better!”. Of course i didn’t at that time. I was only 12, writing rhymes about going to jail and shooting people :)… Then in 96-97 i met most of the MCs that later will become members of the Facem Records crew. In ’98 I recorded my first song in the studio.

2. How did you got the idea for your name?

I used to have this crazy lyrics that made people say „Damn, dude you’re delirious!”. So i just got this 2 terms and joined them: Delir + Liric = Deliric.
And Dj Dox was the first to call me Jupiter. He was always like „You’re my brother from another planet! You’re from Jupiter!”. Then in 2001 i started producing and thought of using this name. And that was that.
3. How old are you in the musical field? What are some of the things you’ve learned?
You learn a lot, meet a lot of people, you share impressions, share know how blah blah… but still when you pick up that pen to write you’re all by yourself and it’s up to you to filter everything and apply it wisely.
One important thing that artists usually don’t pay attention to is preserving what they had in the beginning. It’s crucial to keep that hunger alive, that hunger that made you pick up the mic and spit that fire just because you love it.

4. How many albums do you have until now? What can you tell us about your work?

I have one Ep with CTC and Cedry2k from 2002. The CTC Lp – Dificultati Tehnice from 2005. Plus i started a project, as a producer,  called „Jupiter A Ucis Melodia”, and i put out 3 Cd’s in 2008. You can find all the info on my blog

5. The music that you create is coming out during a time where people are just looking for that one poppy single. Do you ever think about that?

Not that much actually because I am aware that we don’t compete with that. And we don’t even try to. It’s like we’re on parallel realities. They have the masses, we have the hardcore listeners. Everything is ok.

6. Have a lot of labels been approaching you?

CTC had a deal with Roton, from 2005 to 2008. At the time we put out Dificultati Tehnice it was a good deal. Nowadays it doesn’t pay off to sign with one of this major labels. They we’re not prepared for this „online revolution”, they were caught off guard and at the moment they are in a pretty deep shit. They have to figure out how they can capitalize on the music since selling records simply doesn’t cut it anymore. So no! Nobody is approaching me.
7. What can a person, that never listened your music,  expect to hear on your albums?
A bunch of motherfuckers spitting rhymes over some hardcore beats.
8. How important are lyrics to you?
That’s the top priority. It’s not just about making a bunch of words rhyme. Everybody can do that. You gotta have balance and rhythm so that the flow can come up tight, you gotta have content and be relevant, you have to make sure you’re not over complicating things etc. In the end it’s not a big science, it has to feel natural.
9. How much do you think you’ve evolved as a producer? Do you take a lot more chances now?
I didn’t evolve much. I’m still pretty medieval. Still chopping up samples and breaks. I got more gear now but i always get back to my old routine. Maybe it will change in time. At this moment I’m more focused on writing.
10. As a producer what’s one piece of equipment you can’t live without?
I’m a computer geek. I tried using only my MPC4000. Couldn’t stand it, it takes me too much to do simple tasks so I still have to go back to the computer. I got drum pads, keyboards, turntables etc. I can manage without them. But i need my PC.
11. How would you describe the Hip-Hop scene in our country?
Even though we bitch about it a lot, i think it has some comforting parts as well. At least we don’t have a bunch of super popular bullshit mc’s that we see every day on TV. And we have a small public that is well educated, and has love for the real hip hop. That has to count for something.
12. What can u tell us about your project “Jupiter a ucis melodia (Murdered the melody)”?
I can tell you that it was really time consuming and i stop doing it. Maybe i’ll get back to it at one time. It was about Jupiter doing some ill collabos with gifted mc’s. And it was creatively marketed as a tv series, releasing songs in episodes at a 2-3 months distance. Blood and gore included. Better check it on my blog.

13. Who are u working with for this project?

I released so far songs that feature Carbon, Cedry2k, Dragonu, Nimeni Altu’, Jacques Yolo, Dj Paul, Dj Faibo X from Romania; Matt Manent and Duplici from Italy; and Pumpkinhead (Brooklyn Ac), The Aztext from the states. I still have unreleased materials with Aforic, Nwanda, Adn, Dragonu,Atacuri de Panica, Bitza, Tranda, Axes, 10 Tone. Some will probably never see the light of the day – others will go on different other materials.
14. What would you say you did differently from other artists in terms of getting where you are?
I think I came with some big cojones from the start. I didn’t ask for opinions. Just started doing my thing and some people liked it. It just happened, it was not a big strategy scheme. And don’t get me wrong I was and I’m still humble. But you always have to have trust in what you  are doing and grow some balls to actually take action in that matter. There’s a lot of people coming to me, asking „can you help us, we have this band etc etc”. And I always tell them that they don’t need my help. Save some of that allowance money and hit the studio; spit your best shit there and you are set. If it’s good, people will hear it. You are going to stand out of the crowd eventually. This is what I did anyways. And always surround yourself with people that have the same hunger and motivation, so that you can rely on them when you can’t find yours.

15. Okay. It was great talking with you thanks for the different insight. I wish you the best of luck.

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Stefan Rosioara Inginer, relatez de peste 5 ani de la toate evenimentele locale si lansarile internationale din domeniul telecomunicatiilor.